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blood_monster [userpic]
Theme for June
by blood_monster (blood_monster)
at June 4th, 2008 (03:22 pm)

I know this is late but no one posted but one person for the month of April - May.
The Theme for this month is....


Deadline is: June 30, midnight

blood_monster [userpic]
Reminber to Post
by blood_monster (blood_monster)
at May 28th, 2008 (04:36 pm)

The end of May is coming up so post your storys as soon as you can.

Guardian [userpic]
Reminder to Recruit
by Guardian (guardian_erin)
at April 14th, 2008 (07:20 pm)

Hello new members!

We hope that you all are working hard on your story, whether you're still thinking over the details, working hard at putting your story into words, or polishing down a finished product, please remember your deadline on May 31st!

Also, we need a lot more members for competition, so please recruit some of your friends.  The round won't be able to progress unless we have a selection to choose from.

Thank you!


grenouillenue [userpic]
I got the first story on the site
by grenouillenue (grenouillenue)
at April 11th, 2008 (08:54 pm)

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Unititled (1/?)
PG for now 
After the fall of Sunnydale the group spilts up between the other Hellmouth and LA. In this chapter the events of Chosen are framed in this verse.
Warnings - slash paring later on
Disclaimer - Spike and Xander are under my bed and put on anightly show, oh wait that was a dream so I guess I don't own them.

Here's a link to the story

Please comment, constructive criticism is welcomed so no flames if its wrong tell me how.

blood_monster [userpic]
Theme for April - May
by blood_monster (blood_monster)
at April 1st, 2008 (05:38 pm)

Welcome to eyesofthedemon
Our first theme is going to be:


Deadline is: May 31st, midnight

Guardian [userpic]
FAQ post
by Guardian (guardian_erin)
at April 1st, 2008 (04:49 pm)
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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

When posting, please use the title block example given on the rules page. Your title block should show your information, and the story itself should either be hidden behind an lj-cut or there should be a link to your story on your journal or another accessible site.

How to make an lj-cut
When using HTML editor, an lj-cut is as follows:
<lj-cut text="Read my story">

Story Requirements
Ideally, you should develop a complete short story for the theme. This isn't always possible due to lack of inspiration or lack of time to make an entirely new story.

Your story should be:
- over 500 words (no objections; this is almost laughable.)
- full developed (plot, characters, beginning, middle, end.)

If you are in the middle of a multi-chapter already and want to post a chapter, that's fine.
Be sure to post a link to where a reader can find the rest of your story, and try to make sure your chapter has a fully-developed idea.

You have a month to write a story, so stay on the ball and post your finished work anytime before midnight at the end of the month. 

A fandom is the realm of any movie, show, or book where fans write fanfiction.
A fandom is a fictional universe where the story takes place (sometimes referred to as 'verses. (i.e. BuffyVerse)) and each one has their own characteristics and truths. Some fandoms/verses have magic and others have Jedi knights.*
* - If you don't already know this, you might not want to write in a fandom.

Some examples: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Torchwood, Batman, Star Wars, ect.

You can write in any fandom you wish, including original fiction.

Polls will be posted on the first of the month. Awards cannot be given out if there aren't enough votes, so reading and casting your vote will be crucial! Please do not vote for yourself! Writers need to support each other, so take a moment to recognize each other's work - leave comments if you wish, and cast a vote for the stories you liked.

Awards will be given out to winners of the poll categories. The categories are not set in stone yet, and will more than likely vary each month.

That's all for now.  Any more questions?  Ask away!

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